New Patient FAQ

We always welcome new patients - either for a check up and cleaning or on an emergency basis.

Absolutely!  We will submit all the necessary forms to your insurance company for you.  The only requirement is that they allow you to see the dentist of your choice.  Many of our patients go out of network to see us.

We will take all the necessary records and x-rays to properly diagnose any conditions in your mouth.  If no immediate work is needed, we will clean your teeth and then discuss any further treatment necessary.  Once all your work is completed, we will see you back on a six month interval for checkups.

To avoid paperwork at your first visit, click here to fill out all necessary forms in advance.

Yes!  I have young kids of my own (7, 5 and 3) and I enjoy the challenge of giving your children the best experience possible.  Most kids do great with the most common procedures (cleanings, fillings, extractions).  We find that taking our time to explain to them what we are doing (in their language!) helps them to trust us.

Even if they are nervous, we will encourage them and treat them with kindness so that they will want to come back!  We offer the option of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for those children who have high anxiety.

We always allow you to come back with your child so you can observe the gentle care we provide and ask any questions you might have. 


No. While amalgam has been shown to be safe [see the ADA article here], we only do white (tooth-colored) fillings.  See our before and after page for examples of how Dr. Thompson has replaced silver fillings with white ones.  Why wouldn't you want your tooth to look like a tooth?

We try to see emergencies the same or next day. Please check our emergencies page for information on what qualifies as a true dental emergency.

If you are experiencing sensitivity or discomfort, schedule an appointment so we can evaluate this and we will try to see you within the week.