Insurance Info

Mention the topic of health insurance and you are likely to be met with a frown or a groan.  We all are impacted by it, and many are confused about it.

Dental insurance works differently than most medical insurance.  While medical insurance pays for your entire visit (except for a copay), dental insurance will typically pay a percentage of your visit, depending on what services are provided.  The standard breakdown for this is 100% of preventative, 80% of basic services and 50% of major work.  The catch is what number your insurance company "allows" for the base amount to apply the percentage to.  Each plan is written differently, which sometimes makes it hard to know exactly what each insurance company will pay for a particular patient.  This is why we always say that the insurance payment is estimated only - we won't know for sure until we receive the payment from them. 

As long as your insurance company allows you to go to the dentist of your choice, you can be cared for by us and we will submit the claims on your behalf.


We are currently in-network with:

Cigna DPPO (not Advantage)

If you have any questions about your eligibility, call us at 410-795-7981 and Laurie or Bridget will be happy to help you.